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About KKDS

Retail Store
k.k. discount storeK.K. Discount Store (KKDS) has been in business since 1990. It is not just another "mom and pop" store, it is a part of Chinatown. Residents in the local community have known KKDS for their assortment of products, great prices, and of course friendly services. When KKDS first started, it was a simple store with a simple motto "good useful products at a discount price with friendly service". As time passed, the store grew bigger and expanded into the wholesale business and started shipping to customers nationwide. We appeared on various TV shows such as Elementary and New York Undercover, as well as in popular newspaper and magazines such the Boston Globe and New York Daily News. Feel free to visit our retail store at any time, as we offer thousands of products that are not seen on kkdiscount.com.

Online Store
Online Asian StoreNow K.K. Discount Store is on the Internet! Same motto, "Great products, Great services, and Great prices!". KKDiscount.com is an online site with a simple goal. This e-commerce website allows people outside of NYC a chance to learn and order from us. We offer easy and safe shopping experience with low prices! K. K. Discount Store went online in February 2000 as part of the MadCool Network started by the 2nd generation of the family business. As the years went by, we grew more popular and expanded into our own entity, kkdiscount.com. We went through different website design changes and added a lot more products. We even won awards including the New York Magazine's Best Shopping Website award! The website is updated continuously with new products and new discounts. The future for KKDiscount.com will only get better. We will continue to add more cool and unique Asian products, all while making it fun to shop, and learn about the Asian culture at the same time.

Our Customers
Customers are important to us just like any other business. We don't treat customers like a statistical number, we value each and every comment and feedback given to us. We love to put a face to the name on all our orders, and love to interact with our fans at our facebook and other social media pages. 

Who are our customer? We cater to everyone from schools, restaurants, and even celebrities. Celebrities regularly shops at our retail store, while business order wholesale from us. We will always strive for the better, and value all feedback and suggestion from our customers. Feel free to contact us!

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